Smilga became International Champion and has passed one more Mantrailing exam (Level2) in Germany!


Speigas Gintaro akys became International Champion!


After International dog shows in Estonia we have new Estonian Champion - Smilga Gintaro akys.

Judges: Astrid Lundava (Estonia) and Leila Kärkäs (Finland)


  • 2 x excelent
  • 2 x CAC
  • BOB


Our Gaja Gintaro akys in RIGA IFF / Riga International Film Festival 3/5! See her in film Spogulī / In the Mirror! Thanks for her best owners for such a great job!


Smilga Gintaro akys participated in Mantrialing workshop in Germany (GBMA, Havelberg).

One more time she worked with the best trainers from Germany and USA.


Our Saulė Gintaro akys in very nice advertisement:



Smilga Gintaro akys passed Mantrailing Level 1 in Germany, GBMA. We are more than proud!


Dogs from our kennel participated in Bonitation (Czech Republic). Judges: Jana Tomešková, Dana Matušincová, Jiří Drábek.

And great results:

  • Giružė Gintaro akys: A60 H21 K2 Oh Qr
  • Speigas Gintaro akys: A71,5 L11 Of Qt
  • Smilga Gintaro akys: A60 I23,10 Of Qp S2


After International dog shows Vilnius spring'2020’’, Vilnius Cup'2020 and Lithuanian Winner'2020:

Smilga Gintaro akys 3xCAC, 3xBest Female, 3xCACIB, 3xBOB, Lithuanian Winner 2020!

And also she became new Lithuanian champion.

Judges: Alla Filatova (Russia), Grzegorz Robak (Poland), Lyudmila Krakovskaya (Russia)


Today at agility competition AFA’s Sirsnīgais Kauss Gaja got A3 third place in total from two tracks!


Who wants to see our Gaja on the big screens - we invite you to watch this good movie :)

Baltic Tribes. The Last Pagans of Europe


Our Smilga in international conference Chase 2019 :)


We are waiting Czechoslovakian wolfdog litter at the end of November!

Mummy: Gilė Gintaro Akys Dog shows: Lithuanian Champion Health tests: HD-A; ED-0; DM: N/DM; DW: N/N Bonitation: A62 F2 Og Qr Xv54,8 Xf 108,1 (CZ)

Father: Albireo Envy`s Legacy Health tests: HD-A; ED-0; DM: N/N; DW: N/DW Bonitation: A70 K2 L7 Og Qq Xv52,9 Xf104,3 (CZ)


Really hot weekend for our kennel! Judged by Manca Mikec out of 24 dogs in A3 Large Gaja got 8th, 9th for agility tracks! Incredible results for such conditions!


What a day! Our Speigas Gintaro akys is new Poland Champion! Today at International dog show Bialystok: excellent, CAC, Best Male, CACIB, BOB(judge G.Onishchenko)


International dog Show „DRUSKININKŲ MERO TAURĖ’ 2019’’: Smilga Gintaro akys excellent, CAC, Best Female, CACIB, BOB. Judge Joy Lim (Australia)


Best news to our kennel. Speigas Gintaro akys is now new reproductor: DM N/N; DW N/N; HD B; ED 0; eyes clear. If you are interested to use him for breeding just contact us.


Speigas Gintaro akys. International dog show Molėtų mero taurė 2019 (LT). Open class: excellent, CAC, N, CACIB, BOB! Judge C.Zsolt Lokodi (Romania)


Yesterday Smilga Gintaro akys was the first one in Rally obedience (0 class) competition. First track 95%, second one 98%! Judge from Estonia Svetlana Zolotnikova.


What a weekend for our kennel! Our girl Gilė Gintaro Akys on 2019.05.04-05 in Kolin (Czech Republic) succesfully participated in bonitation and Czechoslovakian wolfdogs specialty show! Firs wolfdog of our pack in such a big event! Bonitation results: A62 F2 Og Qr Xv54,8 Xf 108,1 (Cz) 🎉 Csv specialty dog show results: champion class, excellent, 3rd place


Our Giružė one more time in the music clip :)


What a great news! Our Gilė Gintaro akys at 5 years old HD A; ED0!!!


International dog show Vilnius. Speigas Gintaro akys: excelent, CAC, CACIB, BOS. Judge Babianskiene (LT)

(c) Stasys Barauskas


Our flying Angel Gaja finally got third clean run in A2 and now can go to A3. Three runs one disq. one run with one fault and one clean! We are more than proud <3


Our great results in National dog show (Lithuania) jugde Shaun Watson (CY): Gilė Gintaro akys excellent, CAC, Best Female, BOS and closed Lithuanian Chmapion. Speigas Gintaro akys excellent, CAC, Best Male, BOB and opened Lithuanian Champion!


Our tired Speigas Gintaro akys after two National dog shows in Plungė:

2 x Excellent, 2 x Best Junior, 2 x BOB!

Judges Plamen Cholakov (BG) and Radoslav Stoinov (BG).

And now he is new Lithuanian Junior Champion!


23th of June our G litter is 4 years !


Speigas Gintaro akys after first National dog show: excellent, Best junior, Youth winner and Best of Breed!

Judge A.Babianskienė (Lithuania).


what a weekend!

At agility competition “Mayors Cup 2018” our angel Gaja:

A2 class:Agility track, clean, second place;

Jumping track, 5,6 penalty for time, second place.

Thanks to Gaja and her amaizing owners!


Our Gaja one more time in the movie!


One more video clip with Giružė Gintaro akys


Today is our S litter 1st B-day!


Our Gaja in Latvia 100 years B-Day video. Happy B-Day to Latvia!


Giružė Gintaro akys: International dog show in Vilnius 2017 12 16 excellent, CAC, Best Female, CACIB, BOB.

Judge Vojslav Al-Daghistani




Our Smilga is like copy of Cara Mela.

5th mantrailing lesson and she is doing more than good.


Smilga in 28 km hike.


What a news!

At agility competition this weekend in Latvia (rudens kauss 2017), judged by Susanne Nieder (DE), Gaja Gintaro akys, large A2 got: one diq., one 3rd place with 10 penalty points on boom and one 1st place with clean track! A3 is only 2 clear tracks away!

Thanks to amazing owners and trainer for such a wonderful results!


Our Gaja in the movie :)


At agility competition Riga cup 2017, judged by Peter Pupik (CZ) Gaja managed to run clean track and move to A2!

A1 large 1'st place, A2 large one more 1'st place!

We are much more than proud of her and her owners!


Sirijus Gintaro akys in Czechoslovakian wolfdog club show (Lithuania) got very promising and best baby!

Judge D.Rimtaitytė (LT).

(c) Magda Właszek


One more great dog show weekend.

Both days in a row at national dog show in Šalčininkai our Gilė Gintaro akys: 2Best bitch, 2CAC, 2*BOB.

Judges: Gunnar Nymann (Denmark), Dominic Harris (United Kingdom).


Our Gilė Gintaro akys started her show career. After National dog shows her results: 2CAC, 2Best Female, 2*BOB.

(c) Stasys Barauskas


One more time wonderfull results from agility competitions.

AFA summer cup 2017 Gaja's results are:

Tunnel course 4'th place.

A1 1'st place (with only one fault of 1,76points, for time);

A1 1'st place;

A2 2'nd place.

Judge: Roman Lukac's (Slovakia)


R.I.P. Atika (Cara Mela Waawanyanka)



Sirijus Gintaro akys is already in new home in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Today our Suopis Gintaro akys went to his new home in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Our Saulė Gintaro akys (red female) and Speigas Gintaro akys (black male) are already in the new families.

Both will live in Vilnius, Lithuania.


There are 5 all new members in our pack: 2 girls and 3 boys :)

We welcome everyone who wants to meet them from the end of April.


MWhat a Sunday! Our Angel Gaja Gintaro akys at national agility competition "Ziemas kauss 2017" (Latvia), A1, judge Stefanie Semkat (DE), got 1. place in first course and 2. place on second course, both with one fault. One more time she is the first and the best :)


This year, March, we are expecting czechoslovakian wolfdog litter at kennel "Gintaro akys". For more information, please contact us by email or phone.


Our Gilė found her new best owners :) She will live in Vilnius


After two days international dog show in Vilnius Cara Mela Waawanyanka: 2excellent, 2CAC, 2CACIB, 2BOS.

Judges: JADRANKA MIJATOVIĆ (Croatia) ir JOHN WAUBEN (The Netherlands).

(c) Dovilė Giedraitytė


Saturday National dog show in Kėdainiai Giružė results: excellent, CAC, BOB (judge I.Zizevskis, Lithuania). And she closed Lithuanian Champion title!


Wonderfull results after International dog show Baltic winner 2016 in Riga (Latvia). Judge Elena Ruskovaara (FI):

*Atika (Cara Mela Waawanyanka): excellent, Best Female, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Baltic winner'16

*Giružė Gintaro akys: excelltent, CAC, res. CACIB.

And we have new Baltic (LT-LV-EE) champion in our kennel - Giružė Gintaro akys!


At agility competition "Rudens Kauss 2016" (Latvia) In A1 Gaja Gintaro akys got 2'nd place, with one clean run and second track with one mistake.

Thanks to trainer Svetlana Kreslina and wonderful owners Lauris and Renate!


Today our results in Obedience Rally competition:

*Cara Mela Waawanyanka (Atika): Obedience Rally 2 level: 92%, 2nd place.

*Giružė Gintaro akys: Obedience Rally 0 level: 89%, 5 place (from 10 participants).


After Czechoslovakian wolfdog Club show in Lithuania our results (judge N. Zenienė Lithuania):

*Gojus Gintaro akys. Open class. Disqualification.

*Giružė Gintaro akys. Open class. Excellent, CAC and just one step to became best female :)

*Cara Mela Waawanyanka. Champion class. Excellent, CAC.


After two days in International dog shows (Lithuania) our wonderful results:

*Saturday. Giružė Gintaro akys: excellent,CAC,CACIB,Best Female,BOB. Judge: Mstislav Polivanov (RU)

*Sunday. Giružė Gintaro akys: excellent,CAC,CACIB,Best Female,BOB. Cara Mela Waawanyanka (Atika): excellent, CAC, r.CACIB. Judge: Marianne Holm (FI)


Cara Mela participated in her first official Obedience Rally competition. in RO-1 class she was the 3-rd! From 11 participants. We are very happy about such a good start!


What could be better? Yesterday our Gaja with both clean runs in National agility competition " Pavasara Kauss 2016", A0 class won 1st Place! Big thaks for super owners and judge and trainer Svetlana Kreslina! It is hard to tell how proud we are!


Our Gaja got 2nd place in agility A0 course! Big thanks to judge Svetlana Kreslina! And for wonderful owners :)


Our king Gruodas in Germany dog shows both days got 2nd place in intermedia class from 4 males! Good start in adult competition :) He got good words about proportions, eyes and most important - good character and nice work in the ring! Thanks for judges Christian Ştefănescu (RO) and Wilfried Peper (DE).


Our Cara Mela won Rally competition and got extra prize for the most obedient dog!


Our angel Gaja passed Obedience National class exam! Evaluation - excellent, 172 points.


What a weekend! After two International dog shows Cara Mela got 2Xexcellent, 2XCAC, 2XBest Female, 2XBOB! Judges: Aleksandr Nikitin (RU), Harri Lehkonen (FI). The most important is that Cara Mela become Lithuanian Winner'16. For the fifth time! Also she participated in two fun contests. First day she was the 2nd in Olympic track and second day she was the first in Rally competition!


Our best results from first shows in Belarus. Cara Mela Waawanyanka is new Champion of Belarus! She got: 2XCAC, 2XBest Female, 2XCACIB, BOS and BOB! Judges Yana Gavrilova (Russia) and Miroslaw Redlicki (Poland).


Kennel Gintaro akys wishes you happy new 2016 year! :)


What a weeked! After two days in International dog show (Vilnius, Lithuania) Giružė got 2XBOB, 2XCACIB, 2XCAC, Best Female! We are more than proud of our promising gladness - Giružė! Big thanks for profesional oppinion and nice judgement - JEANE LAWLESS (Ireland) ir RUTH WAGNER (Luxembourg).


We are very proud of our Gaja one moinre time! She had her first start in agility A0 class and was 2nd! :) It is more than wonderful result! VIDEO LINK


Wonderful weekend in Gintaro akys pack! On Sunday we celebrated Cara Mela 5 B-day and visited Gaja. On Saturday Gaja passed BH exam!


Our Giružė is new Lithuanian Junior Champion :) National dog show in Kaunas: excellent, Youth Winner, Best Junior. Judge V.Baranauskas (Lt)!


Cara Mela participated in Obedience competition (Ryga's Cup'15). Results are just amaizing - National class, 1th place :) She is just the best! Big thanks for so positive judge and nice (and probably the best) Latvian obedience team!


After two hot International dog shows in Druskininkai we have wonderful results: Gervė Gintaro akys 2Xexcellent, 2XBest Junior, 2XYouth Winner and Cara Mela Waawanyanka 2Xexcellent, 2Xr.CACIB. (judges D.Sean and Y.Ovsyannikova). And now we have first Lithuanian Junior Champion of litter G ! Big hug to our lovely Gervė!


After two National dog shows in Ukmergė Cara Mela Waawanyanka returned with great results: 2Xezcellent, 2XCAC, 2XBest Female and 2XBOB! Big thanks for wonderful judges from Ukraine: Zoya Oleinikova ir Galyna Kalinichenko. It was so nice to hear good words not only about Cara Mela anatomy but also about good handling and behavior in the ring.


We participated in hike :) Participants: Giružė and Gojus Gintaro akys and mother - Cara Mela Waawanyanka :)


After National dog shows in Palanga we have very nice results! Gervė Gintaro akys both days excellent, Best Junior and Junior Winner. Cara Mela Waawanyanka excellent, CAC, N, Best Female, BOB and BIG 4 ! Judges from Lithuania N. Zenienė and V. Avtuško.


We also had small family meeting :) There were Cara Mela, Staugūnas and childrens Gaja, Gojus, Gervė and Giružė. There you can find small video:


We had just wonderful weekend. After two days International dog show in Molėtai Cara Mela Waawanyanka has 2XCAC, 2XBest Female, 2XCACIB, BOS and BOB! Giružė Gintaro akys got Best junior and Junior winner. And our lovely Gruodas Gintaro akys in Netherlands Club show got excellent and was second one in Junior class. We are very proud!


Our wonderful results of National dog show in Jonava: Cara Mela Waawanyanka excellent, CAC, N, BOB and Giružė Gintaro akys excellent, JN (she started her way to Lithuanian Junior Champion title). Judge from Lithuania - N. Zenienė. Next weekend we are participating in International dog show in Molėtai :)


Wonderful results after National dog show in Talsi, Latvia. Our Gaja Gintaro akys got excelent, best junior, BOB and BIG 5! Judge Zlatko KRALJIČ (Slovenia).


We had very special weekend in Latvia. After meeting Gaja in Riga on Saturday we participated in Obedience exam. Cara Mela Waawanyanka had her first start in National class. Her result is wonderful - excelent and 3th place! (from 11 participants. Jugde V.Akimova LV). Now she can participate in First Obedience class. Gaja debiutated in Obedience Rally competition. We are very pround of both girls!


Great results after International dog show "Lithuanian winner'15". Cara Mela Waawanyanka got ex. CAC, N, CACIB, BOS and 4th time become Lithuanian Winner! Also our little Giružė Gintaro akys was very promising and Best Puppy! Big Thanks to judge A.Kysljakov (BY)! Next weekend Cara Mela will take a part in Obedience competition in Ryga (LV). Also our angel Gaja Gintaro akys will participate in Obedience Rally competition!

© Dogography by Ana Menčiūnienė


Gervė Gintaro akys in National Dog show got very promissing and Best Puppy! (Judge A. Babianskienė, Lithuania). Next weekend we are going to participate in International dog show Lithuanian winner with Cara Mela Waawanyanka and Giružė Gintaro akys.


Short video of Gintaro akys kennel Christmas meeting :)


Our little family meeting :) Also Giružė is sending best regards to everyone from her new home! She lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Wonderful news from International Dog show in Vilnius. Cara Mela got one more excellent, CAC, N, CACIB and BOB! One more time she was the best wolfdog by the judge from Slovakia - T. Havelka. We are very happy!


Good news from National dog show in Kėdainiai. Gervė and Giružė Gintaro akys got very promising. Giružė was Best Baby! And mother Cara Mela got one more excelent, CAC, N and BOB. Big thanks for judge from Estonia - A. Lundava! Wonderful descriptions of dogs! P.S. Our lovely Giružė is still looking for a most special owners.


Ours results after two amaizing weekends: Gervė and Gilė in National dog shows got Very promising and Best Baby! Good start in dog show competitions! Also this weekend we had two B-days. Cara Mela now is 4 years old and litter "G" is 5 months old. We had small celebration and trip to the Baltic sea :) P.S. Our little angel Gaja found her best home in Riga, Latvia. And Giružė is still looking for the most special owners :)


This weekend Cara Mela got 2XCACiB and 2XBOS in the International dog show in Estonia. Now she is official International Champion (CIE and CIB). Next weekwnd our puppies Gilė and Gervė will take a part in National dog show in Kaunas.


Our litter "G" is now 4 months old :) They grow really fast! Our sweet mother - Cara Mela (Atika) is preparing for International dog show in Estonia next weekend. And Giružė is still looking for the best owners :)


Gruodas now is living in Netherlands :) Gaja and Giružė are still waiting for a special owners.


Litter "G" is almost 2 month old. Gojus, Gilė, Giružė and Gervė are sending best regards from new home. Gruodas and Gaja are still waiting for their special owners :)


Our litter "G" is now one month old :) They are growing very fast and now we are accepting reservations for puppies. If you are interested please contact us :)


2014-06-23 have born 6 healthy puppies: 4 females (Gaja, Gilė, Giružė, Gervė) and 2 males (Gojus and Gilužis) :)


Cara Mela now is 5 weeks of pregnant. This weekend she participated in International dog show "Baltic winner 2014". It was the biggest dog show in Lithuania this year. She got excellent, CAC, CACIB, Best Female and BOS. And now she is Baltic Winner 2014. It was the last dog show this summer. Now we are waiting for puppies :)


We are planning litter "G" in the middle of June.


Cara Mela celebrated the Easter in Berlin :)


Cara Mela had a nice weekend next to the Baltic sea :)


Cara Mela has participated in International dog show Lithuanian Winner'14. She got excellent, CAC, Best Female, CACIB and BOB! (judge V. Avtuško (LT)). Also now she is Lithuanian Winner 2014 :)

© Sitora Šlauterytė


Cara Mela started 2014 dog show season. She got excellent, CAC, N and BOB in National dog show. Judge from Poland B. Larska. Now we are preparing to International dog show Lithuanian Winner'14 on March :)


Finally we have spring :) Cara Mela is sending best wishes to everyone and preparing to first dog show this year.


CSV Kennel Gintaro akys wish you Marry Christmas and Happy new 2014 year! Have a lot of nice memories, unforgettable challenges and a little bit of miracles :)


Cara Mela had a wonderful photo-shoot about Little Red Riding Hood from a fairy tale. All photos you can see on our facebook.com profile.


Cara Mela now is the official Champion of Baltic countries :) We are sharing her two years dog show prices. We hope to continue this luck not only in the dog shows but also in the obedience sport :)


Finally Cara Mela is official champion of Estonia. Now she is Champion of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia :) We hope to keep this lucky way next year in other countries.