Cara Mela Waawanyanka – Atika
2010-11-22 / 2017-06-01

LT Junior CH, LT Club Junior Winner’12

1 Best Baby, 5 Youth Winner, 4 Best Junior,
28 BOB, 13 BOS, 40 Best Female, 44 CAC, 23 CACIB, 5 res. CACIB
Lithuanian Winner‘12‘13’14‘15‘16
Latvian Winner’13,
Baltic Winner‘14’16
2 BOG 4, 2 BOG 3

1 X SVP1, res. CACT
Obedience National Class: 1st,3rd place
Obedience Rally 0-1-2 levels

Atika – Cara Mela Waawanyanka – appeared in my life after thorough planning and long waiting, trying to find the most wonderful wolfdog. She came to Lithuania from the suburbs of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, during the Christmas time in 2010. That long and unforgettable journey fighting the blizzard and carrying that small fluffy grey ball, which could fit in your palm, was just the beginning of the time in my life which I cannot imagine without caramel Atika anymore.

I always knew that wolfdogs are very energetic and that they require a lot of physical load as well as time, but Atika was beyond my expectations and plans. She is the most frenetic and astonishing wolfdog in my life. Looking at Atika sensibly, you can really tell that she is a wolf in a dog‘s body or a dog in a wolf‘s body. She is the perfect combination of both. This is a wolfdog who always goes with her own pack and is excited about every known person she meets. What fascinates me the most is that everyone else is just the surrounding to her, so she will never max out for strangers. Atika is immeasurably loyal to her pack and she can do anything for it. She is like a child who never grows up and who is happy about every little detail in life. If a day gets boring, Atika will make sure that in the end it is exciting not only for her, but for others as well. One day it will be worth writing a book about her adventures! However, for now, the stories are told to everyone who wants to hear them.

It is nice to highlight that as a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Atika is completely healthy. Her HD – A; ED – 0, which means that her joints of hips and elbows are absolutely healthy. After visiting the best dog’s optician in Lithuania, we found out that her eyes are also perfectly healthy (Pra: free). Also, her DM results are N/N, which means that she will not transfer DM to her children and will not have this disease (paralyzing the rear legs in the elderly life of a dog) herself. Therefore, Atika is a completely healthy wolfdog, who has Lithuania‘s Youth Champion, Club youth champion‘12, Poland's, Belarusia's, Lithuania‘s, Latvia‘s, Estonia‘s Champions as well as Baltic States’ Champion titles in her account. Besides beauty and health, Atika also has a working title, which she earned by running 40km distance next to the bicycle, being only 1.5 years old. Also she has nice achievements in Obedience and Obedience rally sports. She was the first dog in these sports in Baltic region.

Atika is a dream come true, which allows me to see the world from a different angle and get from the life more than it could give.