Enormous love for dogs came from my first doggy – laika, named Vika, who kept me company while I was playing with dolls in her box. She was my best friend and escort for 16 years. Just before Vika passed the rainbow bridge, I already knew that my life is inseparable from dogs, so I started to look for replacement of my first ever, beloved doggy.

Not for nothing they say that a dog is similar to its owner and the owner – to the dog. That is why I was looking for a breed which had my main personality traits. While I was choosing from the hunter dogs, I found Czechoslovakian wolfdog. The first one of this breed, which I met was Atika‘s grandmother, Jolly z Molu Es. At first, I was amazed by the look of these dogs and then, of course, by their character. This breed has everything what I can expect from a perfect dog – health, longevity, independence, dignity, self-respect, ease of movement as well as endurance. The need to earn wolfdog’s trust was the main reason why I chose this particular breed. This is not only a dog, it is a personality, with which you become partners and uncounted duo.

Atika came to my life after careful planning and trying to find the best litter. I wanted to have a wolfdog which was in the same bloodline with one of the most beautiful Czechoslovakian wolfdogs which I have ever seen – Jolly z Molu Es. The fate led to choose breeding kennels in Czech Republic owned by people, whom I respect a lot and who also gave me this invaluable friendship for which I am indeed very grateful. That is probably why I still think that breeding kennels first need to be a place, where you can acquaint the breed, get advice and where all your questions are answered. I thank my fortune everyday that I have Atika and that I can enjoy every moment and shows with her as well as all the other doggy experiences. I realized over time that it is best to be responsible for ourselves and live in accordance with our own values. That is why I decided to open my own breeding kennels. The name “Amber Eyes” came from the standard of Czechoslovakian wolfdog, the subtlety of Atika’s look and the sentiments for Lithuania, the land of amber. I sincerely hope that we will successfully create these distinctive breeding kennel, where everyone will be welcome to find themselves and to know the wolfdogs closer.